Do you know that...?

Moringa Contains... extraordinary wide variety of nutritional properties and compounds

Supports a healthy...

...Cardiovascular system. Promotes normal blood glucose levels.

Moringa can also...

...Support the body’s immune system. Increases natural defence of the body.

Morvigor (SL) Ltd

You are welcome to the official website of Morvigor SL Ltd. In 2006, we came upon Moringa Oleifera quite by accident whilst researching water purification methods. This was serendipity! As we read on, we were delighted to discover its nutrient properties and numerous uses through the ages. As a medical doctor this plant ticked all the boxes. >>>

We have a Moringa farm but also donate seeds and buy fresh leaves from small holder farmers.
Our Moringa is organically grown - no chemical fertilizers or insecticides. The leaves are dried in a temperature controlled microwave oven
. >>>